Monday, November 16, 2009

Don't let somebody else create you because once they do, they can totally destroy you.

Everyone wants to fit in. Everyone wants to be popular and well-liked. It's just a part of human nature. Acceptance is one of the main things we strive for in life. Even if you say you don't care what anyone thinks of you, you're lying because you do, even if it's just a tiny part of you that does care. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be accepted by the people who surround you.

What is wrong is giving yourself completely over to someone just to feel accepted. High school is a huge example of this. Wanting to fit in with the "popular" crowd, you completely change who you are. You change your clothes, your hair, your habits, and your personality so you can fit in and be well-liked. But your so-called "friends" are never happy with you regardless of how much or how little you change. They're always trying to improve you. What gives them that right?

Yes, this has happened to me. Even I'm not immune. I tried to be just like everyone else, and instead, I came crashing down to Earth at 100 miles an hour. I realized that even the acceptance that I craved (and was getting) wasn't enough to make me happy. I was so unhappy I fell into a deep depression, and stayed there until I became who I am today.

Advice of the day: Learn to accept yourself, and others will learn to accept you.

I'm very proud of the person I've come to be. I know who truly cares for me and who truly doesn't. For the ones that don't, you're missing out, but that's your problem. The ones who really love and care for you will love you for you, no matter who you are. Learn to sort out the real from the fake.

Song of the day: Blessed Union of Souls "Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)"
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